How to identify scabies rash in the skin

A scabies rash is a symptom that a person is infected with a contagious skin condition. Various symptoms like scabies rash and itchiness are the body’s reaction to the parasites living on the skin. The adult mites lay eggs on the skin and persistently digs under the skin to make burrows that cause the itchiness and scabies rash. People are constantly seeking ways to alleviate the very uncomfortable symptoms that they experience.

In many instances, a scabies rash looks similar to skin conditions like chickenpox, dermatitis or eczema. Having said that, these skin conditions are not anymore considered in the diagnosis once the doctor has identified the cause of skin rash as parasites thereby concluding scabies as the main problem. Different symptoms such as skin rash is not that easy for doctors thus causing delay in treatment at times. In some instances, doctors commit a wrong diagnosis because the scabies rash can really be mistaken as a different condition that can lead to complications.

Scabies rash and other symptoms are often located in different areas of the body like hands, wrists and fingers, toes, feet, ankles, knees, elbows, armpits, abdomen and chest, buttocks, the nipple and genital organs.Scabies rash is not usually found on very exposed areas since the mites avoid being easily detected. Nevertheless,the skin rash can also be present in the scalp of babies or even older people whose immune system have been compromised.It is but common for small babies and infants to suffer from itching due to the eruption of crusts. A scabies rash is typically the first symptom of scabies which usually lasts for many weeks as long as the condition is present.Intervention for the itchiness usually comes in the form of anti-histamines which provides only a temporary relief and not treatment. Analgesic creams and gels can calm a scabies rash thereby bringing relief. People often use alcohol in relieving the condition which only worsens the condition by increasing the sense of itching and formation of cortex which can be painful. It is highly advisable to refrain from using alcohol to prevent more discomfort and pain from scabies infection. Scabies rash is uncomfortable but it can be managed.

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