How to use some scabies treatment medications

Annually,scabies affects at least 300 million people worldwide. Frequently, scabies infestation starts at public places like hospitals or nursing homes where people share linens or beddings. Once the symptoms of scabies begin to appear, the infected person cannot help himself from scratching the itchy skin caused by the microscopic mites. Subsequently, even individuals close to the infected would also have scabies which in turn creates a scabies infestation in the area. It is imperative then that effective scabies treatment be implemented to prevent the infestation. Some common scabies treatment involves application of medication prescribed by doctors that must be left on the body for a long period. Prompt scabies treatment even includes people who are not affected yet so they can prevent being infected. These are some of the commonly prescribed medications for scabies treatment:

Permethrin 5 percent (Elimite). This cream is prescribed by doctors for topical application. The cream can also be used even by young children and pregnant women which makes this very versatile. The cream can be used only for two weeks, application is twice a week to be effective. The main purpose of Permethrin is to kill the mites so it is left for about 8-10 hours on the body.

Lindane. This medication is also known by the name Kwell and often used for removing lice. It can be produced as a cream, shampoo, or lotion. There have been incidents where Lindane produces side effects such as nausea and dizziness which is why this is not recommended to very young children compared to Permethrin. Lindane and Permethrin have almost the same set of instructions and can only be applied twice as scabies treatment.

Crotamiton (Eurax).A non-chemical preparation that can be safe for babies. Apply once a day for five days.

One thing about these medicated scabies treatment is that it can kill the mites but not completely stop the itching. Most doctors also prescribe anti-histamines to control the allergic reaction immediately. Scabies treatment medications can address the condition as long as instructions are followed. It would also be a good measure to clean all your beddings and linens to finally remove all the mites that cause scabies in the first place.

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