Learn more about scabies in humans

An overview of scabies in

humans since the Middle Ages

Even during the

olden days, scabies has already been mentioned. Actually, there have been

accounts for scabies in humans going back to the Middle Ages where it was referred to as the

itch. In 1687, Giovanni Cosimo Bonomo discovered the

main cause of scabies – sarcoptic mites. Scabies had many names in old Europe as people then called

it differently. The English people referred to

it as the itch while the French called it as gale.The Old World was plagued by infectious diseases including that was

common among the unfortunate peasants; yet, there were also rich members of society that were not

spared by the disease including Napoleon.Even before Bonomo pointed

parasites as the main cause of scabies ,scabies in humans were already common but believed to have

been caused by many other factors. Galen stated the cause as melancholic juices while

Avicenna believed it came from corrupt blood which really missed the main cause. It can be said then that scabies in humans did not merit much

attention before as compared to nowadays.
The main reason for scabies in humans

To begin with, the mites are active creatures that dig burrows into the skin that

triggers itchiness. As the mites burrow into the skin, the body reacts in a form of

allergy causing the different symptoms. Manifestations of a scabies infection include itchiness, small red rashes

,lesions and burrows on the skin surface. Because scabies can make the skin very itchy, people often scratch their skin and create

lesions that can develop into other types of skin conditions prone to infection. Scabies is an infectious skin condition that can be acquired through

direct skin contact or sharing clothing with infected people. Scabies is also regarded

as a sexually transmitted disease due to the fact that close physical contact can transmit the

disease. Scabies in humans is different from scabies in pets which

should be clear to all people because pets have different mites.

Lastly, understanding the causes of scabies in humans can help people take preventive action

against the disease.

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