Natural remedies for scabies that can be easily done

Scabies is an infectious skin condition usually caused by mites that creates burrows in the skin. It is a skin condition that spares no one regardless of age, race, culture or economic class. Scabies transmits easily in crowded areas especially when direct skin contact is frequent. Some of these places are hospitals, child-care centers and nursing homes. Scabies is also considered as a sexually transmitted disease that affects partners. When people share clothes, towels, and bedding, scabies can easily be transmitted. Pets are not sources of scabies in humans. Pets also have a different paarasite called mange.

Natural oils that have soothing properties can be natural remedies for scabies. For example, margosa oil from India is believed to be effective for scabies. In South East Asia, neem tree oil and tea tree oil accepetd and used as home remedies for scabies. These oils are said to contain anti-bacterial properties that can soothe the skin and protect it from infections. Aloe vera as well as peppermint can also be considered as soothing natural remedies for scabies. Actually, you can make your own natural remedies for scabies which can be safely used by anyone as compared to commercial preparations.

Check the following procedures that can help you make your own natural remedy for scabies:

1)Put some instant hand sanitizer with aloe on wet skin

2)Apply some orange oil on the skin. Leave for a few minutes then apply a second layer of coconut oil

3)Apply a third layer of tea tree oil which is really very soothing for the skin. In a while, you would see some mites crawling out of the skin as they react to the oil.

4)Just let the natural oils be absorbed by the skin for at least half an hour

5)Take a shower so the mites can be washed from your skin

6)Begin disinfecting the area especially the beddings,linen and clothes that have been used

7)Disinfect entire house and other likely sources of mites

8)Rinse and Repeat

It is also good if you can procure some herbal soap preparation for scabies. Using organic products as natural remedies for scabies is great because they can be used by younger children or pregnant women. You can have oatmeal or lavender soap to soothe the discomfort caused by scabies. At the same time, the skin would eventually get smooth and heal in no time at all. Indeed, natural remedies for scabies can be very suitable for use by almost anyone to soothe and heal their skin.

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