Safe and natural remedies for scabies

Scabies is an itchy skin condition that happens when mites creates burrows under the skin. It is a skin condition that spares no one regardless of age, race, culture or economic class. Scabies spreads quickly in crowded conditions where there is frequent skin-to-skin contact between people. Scabies frequently occurs in hospitals, child-care centers and nursing homes. Scabies can also be transmitted sexually among partners. Using clothes, towels, and bedding of people with scabies is definitely infectious. Pets do not have scabies similar to humans. Pets scabies or mange are different from human scabies.

Natural oils that have soothing properties can be natural remedies for scabies. For example, margosa oil from India is commonly used for scabies. In South East Asia, neem tree oil and tea tree oil are known as effective home remedies for scabies. Studies show that these oils have anti-bacterial properties which can address the healing of the wounds caused by scratching. Aloe vera as well as peppermint also contains healing properties that makes them natural remedies for scabies. In fact, you can create your own natural remedies for scabies that can even be less costly and safer than commercial creams.
Here is an easy to follow natural remedy for scabies:

1)Put some instant hand sanitizer with aloe on wet skin

2)Rub a few drops of some orange oil on the skin. Leave for a few minutes then apply a second layer of coconut oil

3)Apply a third layer of tea tree oil that can soothe and disinfect the skin. Slowly, you would see the mites crawling out of the burrows which is quite scary

4)Leave the natural oils to soak in the skin for at least half an hour

5)Get a shower so the mites can be removed from your skin

6)Start disinfecting the area especially the beddings,linen and clothes that have been used

7)Disinfect the whole area and other possible sources of mites

8)Rinse and Repeat

It is also highly recommneded if you can get some some herbal soap preparation for scabies. Using organic products as natural remedies for scabies is great because they can be used by younger children or pregnant women. You can have oatmeal or lavender soap that relieves the itchiness brought by scabies. Furthermore, the skin would become very smooth and heal effectively. Truly, natural remedies for scabies are safe because it can be used even by people with sensitive skin.

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