Scabies causes and effects in humans

Scabies is a skin condition that is not only infectious but annoying to have as well. The person find it difficult to stop scratching as the mites dig deeper into the skin causing an allergic reaction. In fact,scabies infestation affects millions of people worldwide on a yearly basis according to government reports. Scabies affect just about anyone regardless of age, culture, or socio-economic status. Scabies causes a lot of discomfort to a person because the itchiness can prevent them from getting a good sleep. As the mites dig deeper in the skin, the body reacts by producing very itchy symptoms to the allergy. If you learn more about scabies causes and symptoms, you can find immediate solutions in case you get infected.

Scabies causes in humans.

The main scabies causes in humans can be traced to eight-legged mites scientifically known as Sarcoptes scabiei. These arthropods are almost invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen using a magnifying glass or microscope. These scabies hatch eggs that turns into nymphs which again lays eggs to the skin as they mature. As the mites become nymphs, they keep on burrowing into the skin after four weeks of infestation; thus, triggering the itchy symptoms. Scabies causes too much itching on the skin which is really very inconvenient and even embarrassing.

Scabies symptoms includes red marks on the skin often present in fingers, toes, buttock,elbows,waist, under the breasts, and some sensitive parts. The scabies appear as red rashes that looks like small pimples. Generally, skin to skin contact transmits scabies but it can also be sexually transmitted. Another way scabies is transmitted comes through using other peoples clothes or bedding. There is also another type of scabies which creates thick, dry, scaly rash- Norwegian scabies. The crusted scabies contains hundreds of mites as compared to ordinary scabies that numbers less than ten. Individuals with weak immune system are very susceptible to scabies infection that can be very hard to treat. It is very crucial to seek treatment as soon as the first signs of scabies are present. If the scabies are not addressed immediately, the condition could further worsen. Finally, see an expert to get safe and effective advice.

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