What is scabies and ways to prevent it

Scabies is an extremely itchy skin condition that affects millions of individuals worldwide. Scabies can affect just about anyone regardless of their socio-economic background. If the main source is present – the eight-legged mite, scabies is bound to happen. Scabies begins to exhibit itself in symptoms such as red marks and persistent itching caused by Sarcoptes scabiei. These eight-legged mites are so small that they measure as little as 1/3 millimeter long. These mites are good crawlers but cannot jump or fly. The mites responsible for scabies dig deep into the skin and lay their eggs, forming a burrow that looks like a pencil mark. In three weeks, the eggs are mature. As an allergic reaction, the skin produces red,itchy rashes.

An individual who suffers from scabies feel very itchy and can highly infect people around him. The only way to see these parasites is through a microscope. Commonly, scabies have a hard time moving in colder temperatures ad much more active in warmer places. Scabies are easily transmitted through skin to skin contact. Individuals in an area where bed sheets or clothing are infected by scabies, then they can possibly acquire the skin condition easily.

Direct skin-to-skin contact is commonly the main venue for infection. Interestingly, scabies mites are not that resilient in terms of survival. They can only live off of a host body for 24-36 hours under most conditions. Getting infected with scabies involves close person-to-person contact of the skin-to-skin variety. some misconceptions about scabies infection includes shaking hands with people infected by scabies or hanging your clothes next to their clothes. However, sexual physical contact is a possible way to acquire scabies. Truth is, scabies is considered as a sexually transmitted disease which has a high incidence rate among sexually active young people. Nevertheless, acts of intimacy such as hugging can also spread the infection among members. As a result, people who are intimate with an infected person can get the disease too. The most practical way to ensure that scabies would not exist is to maintain clean surroundings.

Article source: http://healthyskinlife.com/scabies/what-is-scabies-and-ways-to-prevent-it/