What is scabies in humans?

One of the most persistent skin condition that affects millions of people is scabies. Scabies can affect just about anyone regardless of their socio-economic background. As long as the main culprit is present , scabies can affect just about anybody. Manifestations of scabies includes red itchy marks similar to small pimples which is actually an allergic reaction to the mite itself. These pesky mites have eight legs and can be as small as 1/3 millimeter long. These mites cannot fly or jump so they can be also caught easily. The mites that cause scabies burrow into the skin and deposit their eggs, forming a burrow that looks like a pencil mark. In about 21 days, the eggs become mature. As an allergic reaction, the skin produces red,itchy rashes.

Scabies produces too much itch which can also be transmitted to other people around. These parasites are small but they can be seen through a microscope. Ordinarily, scabies are only active in warmer places because they find it difficult moving in cold areas. Scabies are often transmitted through direct skin contact. If a group of people share bed sheets or clothing infected by scabies, infection has a very high probability among the group.

Direct skin-to-skin contact is commonly the main venue for infection. Surprisingly, mites of scabies do not survive much. They can only live off of a host body for 24-36 hours under most conditions. Scabies are typically transmitted when their is direct skin contact between two people who are really close. It would be difficult albeit impossible to have scabies by shaking hands or even sharing bedclothes that had mites in them the night before. However, scabies infection is possible through sexual contact. Actually, sexual transmission is a very common form of getting infected with scabies especially among sexually active young adults. However, close physical contact among family members such as hugging can also spread the disease. Over time, people near or close the infected person can acquire the disease too. The most practical way to ensure that scabies would not exist is to maintain clean surroundings.

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